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AAI’s Career Training Reviews

We take great pride in Arizona Automotive Institute’s reputation, and so do our graduates who have chosen to share their stories. Learn more about their journeys in these AAI testimonials and how our programs helped them find the skills they needed to pursue the next step in their careers.

Automotive Service Technology Program Reviews

Do you enjoy hands-on problem solving? If you like working with your hands, fixing things, and finding solutions, consider our Automotive Service Technology (AST) program. At AAI, you’ll have the opportunity to learn hands-on from our industry experienced instructors.

Take a moment to listen to these AAI reviews from some of our AST graduates!

“After I came to school, I actually had a career and a passion to do things now in the work field.”

Joe Gonzales
Automotive Service Technician Graduate

“The ability to provide for my wife and children is one of the best feelings I have. To know I can always put food on the table, and no matter where we go I can always find work.”

Claude Meade
Automotive Service Technician Graduate

“Earning a paycheck in something that I love is great. I can’t put into words how it makes me feel. That’s how good I feel about it. I just feel great about it, and not just to earn a paycheck, but to be able to do something I like is great.”

Combination Welding Program Reviews

If you like working with your hands and don’t mind heat, flames, or sparks, then combination welding might be the right career choice for you.

“Making money off of something I’m very passionate about is easy.  It’s not really like working.  It’s what I enjoy doing.”

Leticia Rodriguez
Combination Welding Graduate

“Graduation day was an extremely special, emotional day. It felt like all that hard work, all the sacrifices that I had put in this far [were] paying off here in this day and the world was at my fingertips.”

Noe Garcia
Combination Welding Graduate

HVAC & Refrigeration Program Reviews

Are you a problem solver who likes to work with your hands? If so, our Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Basic Refrigeration (HVAC/BR) training program might be the next step for you. Some of our graduates had quite a bit to say about their experiences!

“Choosing the education, the drive, the support… helped me to make a change in my life to direct it… It’s not a job.  It’s a career.”

Peter Daniel Hernandez
HVAC and Basic Refrigeration Graduate

“Pick up the phone and call. You can’t go wrong with AAI. Education is the key to success, and I would highly recommend AAI as a school to go to and advance your career.”

Erich Ulinger
HVAC and Basic Refrigeration Graduate

Diesel – Heavy Truck Program Reviews

Do you like working on big and powerful engines? With our diesel and heavy truck training, you will learn from our industry experienced instructors who can teach you the skills to prepare for a new career in diesel engine maintenance.

Jeremy Jay
Diesel-Heavy Truck Graduate