• “Making money off of something I’m very passionate about is easy.  It’s not really like working.  It’s what I enjoy doing.”

    Leticia Rodriguez
    Combination Welding Graduate

  • “Choosing the education, the drive, the support… helped me to make a change in my life to direct it… It’s not a job.  It’s a career.”

    Peter Daniel Hernandez
    HVAC and Basic Refrigeration Graduate

  • “After I came to school, I actually had a career and a passion to do things now in the work field.”

    Joe Gonzales
    Automotive Service Technician Graduate

  • “Earning a paycheck in something that I love is great. I can’t put into words how it makes me feel. That’s how good I feel about it. I just feel great about it, and not just to earn a paycheck, but to be able to do something I like is great.”

    Jeremy Jay
    Diesel-Heavy Truck Graduate

  • “Graduation day was an extremely special, emotional day. It felt like all that hard work, all the sacrifices that I had put in this far [were] paying off here in this day and the world was at my fingertips.”

    Noe Garcia
    Combination Welding Graduate

  • “The ability to provide for my wife and children is one of the best feelings I have. To know I can always put food on the table, and no matter where we go I can always find work.”

    Claude Meade
    Automotive Service Technician Graduate

  • “Pick up the phone and call. You can’t go wrong with AAI. Education is the key to success, and I would highly recommend AAI as a school to go to and advance your career.”

    Erich Ulinger
    HVAC and Basic Refrigeration Graduate