"The ability to provide for my wife and children is one of the best feelings I have. To know I can always put food on the table, and no matter...

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– Claude Meade

College Alumni

The College Alumni Association of Arizona Automotive Institute provides an avenue for graduates that have benefited from the institution to stay engaged with the institution and serve as a bridge between alumni and the current student body.

Membership in the AAI Alumni Association will offer life-long benefits to you as a graduate of our school that will assist with your continued professional development and growth.

Some of the most common benefits offered are:

  • Access to the Student Resource Center- computer labs, current publications, updated software, online databases
  • Career Coaching Consultation Sessions
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Information on Skills Refresher Courses
  • First hand notification of scholarship opportunities
  • Subscription to Quarterly Alumni Association Newsletter
  • Community Discounts
  • Networking Opportunities

It is our hope that as you move through the next stages of your career path, you will continue to be proud of the educational experience you had at AAI. It is alumni like you that allow us the opportunity to continue to provide a quality education and thrive within the community.

To become a member of the AAI College Alumni Association, please contact us at: Keep up with all of the Alumni upcoming events and activities by joining the AAI Alumni Association Facebook Page.

"Choosing the education, the drive, the support… helped me to make a change in my life to direct it… It’s not a job.  It’s a career."


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– Peter Daniel Hernandez