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Technical school programs

Are you looking for a welding school or have an interest in a trade school career? At AAI, we believe that skilled technicians are the backbone of the American economy. From building this country’s infrastructure to providing the maintenance that keeps America’s machines and vehicles on the move, skilled technicians are in high demand.

The technical school programs at our technical school in Arizona are designed to prepare you for some of today’s most popular skilled trade careers. Explore our programs below and see which one best fits your interests.

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Our programs:

Program Details

Automotive Service Technology – This program gives students a working knowledge of a vehicle’s system and how to assess and repair automobiles. In this hands-on curriculum, students will learn about some of the major systems of a vehicle such as engine performance; steering and suspension; brakes and tires; and electrical and air conditioning. If you have a love for cars and enjoy working with your hands, you might consider applying for our Automotive Service Technology program.

Combination Welding – This program is designed to offer students with the fundamental skills and techniques to become a combination welder. Through the instruction of industry-experienced instructors, students are given the opportunity to work in a hands-on program with machines and various types of metals. You will learn core welding techniques including Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Flux Core Arc Welding. If you are interested in combining skill and technique with the craft of welding, our Combination Welding program could be for you.

Diesel – Heavy Truck – This is a popular program for students who are interested in working with technology in addition to repair and maintenance. In this program, students will learn from industry-experienced instructors in a hands-on environment on how to perform repairs and maintenance on heavy duty machinery such as trucks, busses, bulldozers, and cranes. This is a particularly in-demand career as more diesel-powered trucks are being utilized, so if you enjoy working in an ever-changing work environment where no two days are the same, consider the Diesel-Heavy Truck program.

HVAC and Basic Refrigeration – A career in HVAC and Basic Refrigeration requires skill and critical thinking. Throughout this curriculum, students will learn the skills to perform maintenance and repairs to heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. These systems can be found in buildings such as residential, businesses, hospitals, factories, schools, and more. Specific knowledge is necessary in order to perform your job duties, which is why classroom instruction is an important supplement to hands-on training. This includes knowledge on electrical wiring, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. If you think you fit the criteria, this program could be for you!

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