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Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI) works to offer quality programs that are attainable. We provide students with several financial aid options* to help them get an affordable education. At AAI, we believe that education is an important step toward securing your future, which is why we provide our students with the opportunity to develop the skills, regardless of their financial backgrounds.  

*Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. 


A Cost-Effective Education 

There are many benefits to receiving a cost-effective education, and it can be made possible with the help of private scholarships and grants, federal aid, or military and veteran financial aid. The benefit of an affordable education is to be able to graduate and begin your career without having to worry about large amounts of student debt. Arizona Automotive Institute works with students to see their options and help them acquire financial aid toward their education.  

Federal aid is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is an important first step to see your eligibility for federal financial aid. The financial services officers here at AAI can help navigate the required paperwork and assist in the application process so  you receive any financial aid awarded  in a timely fashion.  

Private scholarships and grants are another way to finance your education. They can cover large portions of tuition and help lower out-of-pocket costs throughout your education. Scholarships are awarded for a wide variety of things, and each may have  a specific set of qualifications. The financial services team at AAI can help students research their options and guide them through the application processes.  

Another  way to help you pay for your education is through military and veteran financial aid. Often, active and former members of our military and their families may have access to military and veteran funding.  Our financial services officers understand the unique needs of our military and veteran applicants and students and can help them navigate the financial aid process.  

Flexible Payment Options 

In addition to assisting students with understanding their financial aid options, we assist students with identifying flexible payment options. Paying for your education can be overwhelming, and we understand that not everyone can  pay in full upfront. Payment plans and flexible payment options are available to students who qualify. We value accessibility in our educational programs and want to work with students so  that they can receive the technical training and education to help prepare them for the career they want.  

Arizona Automotive Institute also offers several support services to our students both during their education and beyond graduation. From career services to alumni associations, AAI is there for students to help them succeed in their careers.  

Getting a Cost-Effective Education With AAI 

If you are interested in studying at Arizona Automotive Institute, we are here to help you. The first step is to select your desired program. AAI offers six affordable program options: Electrical,  HVAC & Basic Refrigeration, Construction and Trades Management, Combination Welding,  Automotive Service Technician and Diesel/Heavy Truck Technician. Next, talk to our admissions representatives to learn more about your chosen program. We also offer meeting sessions with our financial assistance office to help you look into which financial aid options you might qualify for. Financing an education varies from person to person, and our team can help you navigate what is available to you.  

Arizona Automotive Institute is committed to providing accessible education by offering affordable program options to those interested in pursuing a technical career in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact us to learn more about the options available to you!