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Career Services Center in Arizona

At Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI), we focus on your success as a person, as a student, and as a graduate. We know our students are coming to us to take the next step in their careers, and we hope to do everything we can to support them in their journeys.

At our career center on campus in Arizona, we focus on fostering connections between students and employers. We assist with a number of career activities our students have found most helpful, from how to search for jobs to resume and interview help. Throughout your educational journey and beyond, our career services team is here to help. 

AAI’s Career Guidance

Throughout your program, our career resources center team will work with you to develop the skills you need to find the right opportunities for pursuing a new career. We explain and directly provide guidance to our students in the preparation and job search process. Our team can provide assistance on many topics: from providing tips and strategies to creating successful resumes, we have the resources to help our students begin searching for a job.  

We focus on career development services to get your career started and to make it last. Career Services is here to support our students and alumni with everything from the job search itself to following up with employers after an interview. AAI offers students the following career service opportunities:

  • Searching and Pinpointing Employment Opportunities
  • Creating an Effective Resume and Cover Letter
  • Making Contacts and Networking
  • Researching Prospective Employers
  • Job Interview Coaching and Practice
  • Soft Skills Enhancement and Communication Development
  • Post-interview Follow-up


The art of preparing an application and effectively interviewing for a position are skills that can only be acquired through practice. AAI’s Career Services team is ready to assist our students and alumni with these and other common employment tasks through our career guidance process.

Services for Employers

Our strength lies in the partnerships we forge with employers in Glendale, Phoenix, and beyond. With their input, support, and collaboration, we are able to build better career training programs that support their workforce needs. We appreciate working with them, and welcome the opportunity to speak with new employers!

AAI offers a number of services especially for employers and those searching for entry-level, career-driven professionals – Here’s just a few of the benefits AAI’s current partners have found most helpful.

  • Job postings – shared to an internal network of AAI students and alumni
  • Job fairs – hosted by AAI’s Career Services team
  • Interview scheduling assistance – We know this can be one of the most logistically difficult parts of the hiring process, and we’re here to help make it as easy as we can
  • Access to a skilled and dedicated workforce – AAI’s graduates are skilled in a number of disciplines and ready to head to work

AAI offers a unique training and educational program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills employers need. All of our programs offer career-focused, hands-on training and instruction from qualified faculty. AAI’s instructors meet or exceed accreditation standards in addition to having real-world experience.

Take a deeper look at our programs to see which could be of interest to your organization.

If you are looking for a career training institute that can provide you with entry-level, career-driven professionals to meet your hiring needs, consider what AAI has to offer.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Arizona Automotive Institute provides an avenue for graduates to stay engaged and serves as a bridge between alumni and the current student body. Additionally, continued access to career services is included for Alumni Association members.

It is our hope that as you move through the next stages of your career path, you will continue to be proud of the educational experience you had at AAI. Our alumni allow us the opportunity to continue to provide a quality education and thrive within the community.

Speak With Our Career Services Team Today!

Our Trade School Career Services in Glendale, AZ, is dedicated to building lasting relationships with employers, businesses, and community organizations. Why? Because these relationships benefit you as you begin your employment search. Many area employers trust our graduates because they know who we are and what we’re all about.

We can’t wait for you to find out what we’re all about to – get started on your new career by reaching out to AAI today!

AAI cannot guarantee salary or employment.