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College Recruiting for Employers

At Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI), our strength lies in the partnerships we forge with employers. With their input and support, we are able to build better career training programs that support their workforce needs. It is our goal to be a top source for recruiting college students among trade schools in Arizona.

College Recruiting Services

AAI’s career services team matches aspiring students with potential employers. We offer a number of helpful services that employers may find useful. AAI’s career services team is available to answer any questions you may have on our offerings, and how we might best work together.

If you are looking for a career training program that can provide you with entry-level, career-driven professionals to meet your hiring needs, consider what AAI has to offer.

Free Job Postings

AAI offers its students an internal job board specifically for postings made with the help of our career services team. While we do not endorse any particular employers, these posts enable unique access to AAI’s talented students.

Candidate Pre-Screening

AAI career services staff can assist in matching qualified students to certain criteria specified in a job posting. Our team will help make it as easy as possible to see why an AAI graduate is the best hire for your business.

Candidate Matching Services

Our students are always learning, and employer needs are always changing. We can proactively share candidates from AAI’s talent pool so AAI’s partners always have a finger on the pulse of who will be ready to start work.

Job Fairs

Like many schools, AAI hosts career fairs. What makes AAI’s fairs unique is our commitment to students and community partners. We focus our career fairs on the local Glendale and Phoenix community and work with partners in the area to build strong networking relationships.

Interview Scheduling Assistance

Interview scheduling can be a complex logistical task. AAI can help make it easier. We work as a middleman between students and employers, working to accommodate everyone’s schedules for the most seamless interview experience possible. 

Participation in Program Development

AAI strives to improve and update our programs to keep up with changes in the industries in which we train. As a result, we meet twice a year with Program Advisory Committees (PAC) made up of employers from the industry and surrounding community. These Committees review results of graduate and employer surveys, review current industry trends and give feedback and recommendations for updates to programs.

Complimentary Access to Training and Meeting Spaces

Auto workshops and welding stations aren’t always the best place to hold trainings. AAI provides our employer partners with access to training and meeting spaces on a first come, first serve basis. Please speak with a member of our team for additional details on the spaces available!

Access to AAI’s Skilled and Dedicated Workforce

At the center of everything AAI does are our students and alumni. All our programs and services are focused on ensuring they have the skills they need to head out into the workplace. By working with AAI, employers gain unique access to our talented students and alumni at every stage of their careers.

AAI’s Programs of Study

Our school offers four distinct programs that result in a diploma upon graduation and completion of all requirements. Our programs include hands-on labs simulating real-world employment, lessons from field-experienced instructors, and support from our Student Resource Center and Career Services.

Our programs focus on the four core disciplines taught at AAI:

Do You Have More Questions?

When it comes to hiring college students in Arizona, there’s no better choice than Arizona Automotive Institute. We hope you are excited to partner with AAI for the next generation of automotive service technicians, combination welders, diesel mechanics, and HVAC repair specialists. 

Please call (480) 518-9751 for more information.