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Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI) believes in the power of practical, hands-on learning, especially for those interested in technical trades. At AAI, we combine classroom education with simulated training. This helps prepare graduates for real-world scenarios in their field when they enter the workforce.

Traditional academic learning has an important role to play in technical trades training. It is important to know the history, important concepts, evolutions of the field, and practical skills. Lectures conducted by professionals with in  field experience are vital to a well-rounded education. However, knowing how to do something is different than actually doing it. Real-world experience at an educational level provides a new level of immersive learning that allows a student to be workforce ready upon program completion.

Why Choose AAI

Our hands-on approach helps students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for their future workplace. Classroom and practical training combined provide a foundation of confidence and success as a student nears course completion and begins to search for employment. The immersive learning experience helps AAI graduates stand out in the competitive job market.

Career-focused training is a great way to know you are getting industry relevant information. Our classrooms and hands-on  training are conducted by instructors with industry experience in the field. This means our instructors are aware of technologies, methods, and safety procedures for a variety of trade career opportunities. With our small classroom sizes, students have the opportunity  to work directly with instructors, learning from their years of experience and workplace insight.

Training that provides simulations to represent on-the-job experiences  is a great way to know if you are pursuing the right field for you. The technical trades are full of exciting career opportunities. When pursuing a lifelong career, you want to be confident in not only your abilities but your passion for the job. What may seem like a fit on paper may not be once you enter the workforce. The combination of classroom and practical training helps prepare you for where you want to be. In our programs, students are trained on how to implement certain skills and tasks while they move through their educational coursework. This is a great way to know that you are ready for and excited about your new career opportunities.

Technical skills development can help you stand out when you enter the workforce. The technical trades rely on you to be able to go beyond what you learned in class. The value you bring as an employee comes from what you can actually do. In many instances, this involves an employer providing further hands-on training before feeling completely confident in their employee. When an employer sees you’ve graduated from an institute such as AAI, they can see from our hands-on programs that  graduates have experienced hands-on applications associated with the field.

Experience the AAI Difference

If you’re ready to dive into a hands-on learning experience, you’ll love the combined approach of classroom instructions and real-world experiences. This approach is a great  way to build confidence that you are secure in your abilities as you enter the workforce. To get started, enroll at AAI today. At Arizona Automotive Institute, you will excel in your academic experience.