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The programs offered at Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI) emphasize their industry-experienced instructors with practical knowledge. Our programs are designed to provide students with an education backed by real-world experience and professional expertise. Learning from a professional in their specific field can benefit students as the instructor brings valuable real-world insights to the table that go beyond the classroom.

A Well-Rounded Education

Classroom-style education is combined with hands-on learning to create a well-rounded education that helps students learn new skills and then apply them. Instructors with industry-specific expertise, leverage their real-world experience by sharing it within the classroom. They will also distinguish which skills are most important to the job and pass that information to their students.

Industry trends are also an essential part of our programs. Knowing the latest trends within an industry is invaluable and improves the education provided by that individual. For example, take an instructor who has had a successful career in the HVAC industry. During their time as an industry professional, they  learned to keep up to date on  recent trends, such as the HVAC systems that are being installed most frequently or which types of systems are faulty. They can then use that information on industry relevance to tailor their instruction to  fit the current HVAC industry and better prepare students to enter the field. Having an instructor with this type of knowledge can help prepare students for their future careers and can offer them career guidance.

In addition to being familiar with current industry trends, knowing the most crucial skills to have in order to do the job is a huge benefit. When studying with an instructor who has industry-specific experience, students have the opportunity  to gain the specific individual skills that have proven to be vital to the job they plan to pursue. Having an education in a particular profession is one thing, but having the essential skills to bring to the job is what students can gain from studying with instructors with industry experience. The students at AAI have that asset in their corner as they apply for positions and prepare to enter their desired industry because they have studied with instructors who can provide that invaluable knowledge and training.

Navigating the Job

Within every job, people will face challenges. Part of a successful career is learning how to navigate these challenges by developing strategies to deal with them or avoid them in the future. Seasoned industry professional instructors have experienced a variety of challenges  and can pass their authentic advice and expertise to their students. Working with an instructor who knows those industry-specific challenges will help students be better prepared when they face them themselves.

The Importance of Networking

Other benefits of having instructors with industry-specific knowledge are the potential for networking opportunities and career guidance. Networking has often been an important factor in one’s career and continues to prove vital to being successful. 

The Arizona Automotive Institute seamlessly blends both classroom-style education with practical hands-on application of skills for each of its programs. By hiring instructors who have real-world experience and industry-specific knowledge, AAI provides students with a well-rounded education that helps prepare them for a successful career in their desired industry. Contact us to learn how you can get started!