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At Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI), we take pride in our commitment to prioritizing quality education. We believe that a quality education begins with a focus on the individual and providing them with  personalized assistance that can help them succeed. We strive to ensure that our educational experiences at AAI are as unique as our student body. Our commitment to personalized quality education begins with our smaller class sizes. Small class sizes provide a unique, individualized experience. Our small class sizes help provide a conducive learning environment. In a large classroom, instructors rely on general lectures to get information across. Large class settings may not provide instructors with the opportunity to get to know all their students’ names. Our small class sizes provide a unique opportunity to really get to know your instructor as well as your fellow classmates. With an education from Arizona Automotive Institute, you gain the advantage of personalized  training with industry experienced instructors who have worked in the field. Our educational experience is designed to help you feel  known and valued, which helps provide a solid foundation for educational growth.

Why Choose Arizona Automotive Institute

Individual attention can be key to a quality learning experience. In life and learning, everyone moves at a different pace. While one student may benefit most from textbook learning, another may thrive in hands-on coursework. Focused instruction can be achievable with small class sizes. Our students have the opportunity to get to know their instructors, potentially making it easier to approach their instructors with questions or concerns they may have. When you attend AAI, you’re choosing to take on a unique learning journey. Keeping class sizes small provides a great opportunity for you to not only understand but to master the skills in your chosen field. When you opt for a school that offers hands-on, small class sizes, you can better understand your growth as a student. The focused instruction approach allows the instructors to focus on each student’s progress. This creates an effective and personalized learning experience. When you choose AAI, you are joining a true community where you can  find the support you may be looking for. From our administrative staff to our classroom instructors, your success is our goal. We can help you along the way, from your first day of class to searching for your first career opportunity following graduation.

Experience the AAI Difference

The student-centered approach is designed so that students can gett the most out of the education experience. At Arizona Automotive Institute, we want our students to walk away with more than just a piece of paper. We want students to be able to enter the workforce with the confidence that they truly can succeed. We do this through a personalized learning experience that starts with small class sizes. The traditional classroom setting may not be a great fit for everyone. Our institute offers a unique, personalized experience. If this approach to academic success sounds like the right fit for you, join us today! We hope you’ll love experiencing the benefits of small class sizes during your pursuit of technical and automotive excellence.