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Benefits of Technical Education

Students have many choices when it comes to attaining their career goals: some go to traditional 4-year colleges, while others go to vocational school to develop a specific skill set like welding or automotive repair. 

However, knowing which path to pursue can be tricky, especially if you’re hopping from one career to another. Most students already know what traditional colleges offer, but the benefits of vocational training aren’t always so clear. As it turns out, trade schools differ from traditional universities in a few important ways, including: 

  • Program length tends to be shorter than traditional four-year institutions
  • Total cost of tuition and all materials could be lower
  • Dropout and late graduation rates tend to be lower at trade and technical schools
  • Education programs focused on specific career paths with specialized career offerings

For those students who know what career path they’d like to pursue – or those still searching – Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI) could be a unique option to enhance their education.

Is Technical School Worth It? The Importance of Technical Education

Deciding when and how to begin one’s educational journey can be an extremely difficult decision, especially if one hasn’t considered the importance of technical education. The sheer amount of options, programs, and choices can be overwhelming, especially when many students assume they must begin higher-education immediately out of high school. That’s not necessarily the case for all students, as everyone’s path is different.

At AAI, we know this decision can be a bit overwhelming. We hope this guide helps ease your decision making process. Should you have any additional questions, a member of our team will be happy to speak with you.

Top Benefits of Trade School

There are many unique benefits of vocational education, and the negative stigma people used to joke about is no longer a thing as the benefits of a career-focused education have come to be more recognized. Students can focus on their intended careers and could graduate sooner than they think based on how fast they complete their coursework. Every student is different, but AAI works every day to give our students and alumni the best learning experience possible.

Program Length

One of the advantages of vocational training is the length of the program. By focusing on coursework directly relevant to a student’s selected career path, the overall credit hours required for a diploma can be lower than the standard four-year degree.

Price of Education

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average annual cost for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at a four-year institution was $26,593. Over four years, students could accrue over $100,000 in costs, not to mention the additional costs associated with a late graduation.

One of the benefits of technical education could be the lower cost compared to completing a program at a four-year institution. Plus, the financial burden of a four-year degree could continue long after graduation, as many students take out loans to pay for their classes.

Dropout & Late Graduation Rates

About one in three students who enroll in college never earn a degree. According to The New York Times, one of the reasons students at four-year institutions drop out could be the lack of a defined progression path. At AAI, each of our core disciplines comes with its own defined education plan that helps students complete their coursework and earn valuable certifications*.

*AAI does not guarantee third-party certifications. Certification requirements for taking and passing certification examinations are not controlled by AAI but by outside agencies and are subject to change by the agencies without notice to AAI. Therefore, AAI cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take certification examinations, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment.

Specific Educational Programs

At AAI, we know that deciding on a career can be challenging. Our staff works every day to make the process as easy as possible. Once students select a program, we provide tailored courses, in-depth labs specifically tuned to the course of study selected, and assistance based on their major by Career Services. Students enjoy a number of vocational school benefits during their time here at AAI.

Where to Find the Best Vocational Training

When it comes to the most important qualities in a school, not every institution is alike. Aspiring students should look for these important qualities when selecting the school that’s right for them:

  • Accreditation – This is an important designation, confirming a particular institution has met a third party’s requirements. This is a requirement for some kinds of financial aid to be issued.
  • Flexible scheduling – School won’t do much if one can’t attend classes. Students should consider their schedules and find a school they can work into their lives in a balanced manner.
  • Hands-on Learning – In the skilled trades, hands-on experience is of preeminent importance. Students should find a school that provides detailed labs led by industry-experienced instructors.

AAI offers all of these important qualities and more in each of our four programs.

Start your Career Training at AAI!

We’d like to invite you to experience our program for yourself. Our admissions team is ready to answer any questions you might have about our school and the trade school benefits we offer, so feel free to reach out for additional details. If you’re interested in visiting in person, we’d be happy to arrange a visit to our campus so you can see our students and instructors in action.