Key Job Skills to Develop in 2020: In-Demand Hard & Soft Career Skills | AAI

Develop In-Demand Skills

Develop In-Demand Skills

There are many ways to gain the key skills employers look for in 2020. One of the best ways is to always be curious. Curiosity means seeking out new things, and new things mean new knowledge. Seeking out mentorships and guidance from others is another great way to grow one’s skills. Those already working in the field could have great insight into what the key skills for jobs in that field are.

Most importantly – never be afraid of failure. Mistakes are how we as humans learn , as an error can be a valuable learning opportunity. At AAI, we support you on your learning journey. Our industry-experienced instructors work with you to help learn the skills you could need to find a new career.

Pursue an In-Demand Career at AAI

AAI can help you discover the hard and soft skills you want to know. Our programs focus on ensuring that graduates are ready to start seeking employment and that they have the skills employers may be searching for. We focus on four main specializations.

Automotive Service Technology

If you have a knack for solving problems and working with complex systems, our AST program could be for you. Not only can you learn front-of-shop skills in customer service, you may also learn to inspect, diagnose and repair 4, 6, and 8-cylinder foreign and domestic vehicles. Major systems are covered, including engine performance, steering and suspension, brakes and tires, electrical, and air conditioning. As a graduate of our automotive technician program, you will be ready for your new and exciting career.

Diesel – Heavy Truck 

As a student enrolled in our Diesel mechanic program, you may learn to inspect, diagnose, service, and repair diesel-power medium and heavy-duty vehicles like semi-trucks and buses. All major systems are covered, including engine performance, transmissions, steering and suspension, brakes and tires, electrical, and air conditioning. You learn the skills and techniques necessary to become a diesel truck technician from industry-experienced professionals in a hands-on environment.

Combination Welding 

If you like working with heat and flame, and want to know that the work you’re doing will last – Combination Welding could be just the thing for you. The job of a welder is rewarding. Buildings, machinery, and other structures and foundations in which welding is necessary are often in place for a considerably long time and can be appreciated and experienced by many. New technology and advancement in science means there is always room for continued education in the field of welding. It is an exciting career with ample opportunities to explore.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Basic Refrigeration 

Keeping things cool is important in many ways, and nobody knows this better than HVAC technicians. As a student of this program, you have the opportunity to train with instructors who have real-world experience in the industry and gain the knowledge and skills that employers want.